"So....to start I have been speaking to Shaunelle over a year before the wedding. I saw her on Instagram and was immediately wowed! Of course when the date was set I contacted her and the process began. She is so professional and straight forward. As a bride this really helped shaped my ideas based on budgets and my theme. Shaunelle was upfront, personable and very knowledgeable, she even assisted with the colour theme of my bridal party. I will recommend her to anyone anywhere!! Thanks Shaunelle you really created a masterpiece I was so proud to hold the entire day of my wedding. I remember being worried about the final product and begging for a sneak peak....even though u politely and eloquently refused...I was so happy you did. When I received my bouquet I literally cried!!!! It was so beyond my imagination. Thank you so much!!! "

Abaena N.J | Trinidad Bride | September 2018 | Photo credit: Excite Photography 🔗

Sparkle Feather Bouquet .jpg

"Shaunelle was a God sent! I shared with her my vision and she brought it to life! This was a breath of fresh air as throughout the wedding planning process I encountered many vendors who tried to sell me their vision rather than creating mine. I appreciated how easy communication was not withstanding the fact that it was not till delivery that I met Shaunelle. I also appreciated the timely delivery and updates on the progress. When I saw the bouquet for the first time, I was absolutely in awe. It was more beautiful and detailed than I ever imagined. I was impressed by every detailed right up to the packaging. Thank you so much Shaunelle for adding just the right touch of glitz and glam to make my special day, all I ever dreamed about!"

Sparkle Kirk | Barbados Bride | October 2017 | Photo credit: Addisonn Cumberbatch 🔗

marsha bouquet Copyright 2017 Shaunelle Ramesar.jpg

"I found Shaunelle’s fb page and fell in love with literally every bridal bouquet I saw on her fb page. Did I mention this was a WEEK before my wedding. Lol. When I told her the time, the phone did go blank for a minute, think the shock of the timeline got the better of her, honestly I thought she would just hang up but shaunelle reassured me that she got this. I honestly told her I know I was a super late bride but I left everything up to her and lo and behold she delivered my beautiful gorgeous keepsake bespoke bouquet with two days to spare. It matched my dress perfectly and The best part is that I now have it on display at my home to remember my husband and I special day. Communication was super easy throughout the whole ordering process. My expectations were exceeded in every way. I will definitely recommend Shaunelle."

Marsha Watson | Trinidad Bride | September 2017

Copyright Melvern Isaacs.jpg

"Words cannot fully describe the joy, excitement and satisfaction I felt when I met Shaunelle and she handed over to me what was the exact replica of the bouquet I conjured up in my mind just months prior. The attention she pays to detail is so amazing. I think for the average person, it would have been quite a task to even begin to dream of putting together my wild thoughts into that beautiful bouquet I was so proud to carry on my big day. Shaunelle did it with such ease, creativity and elegance that I was blown away on the 'great reveal'. Shaunelle, thank you so very much for your amazing work and for the part you played in making my day so special. You are downright awesome!"

Patrice David-Grant | Trinidad Bride | April 2017 | Photo credit: Melvern Isaac 🔗

"Shaunelle was able to create exactly what I wanted!
What I loved most about interacting with her was her patience and her attention to detail.
She makes it her duty to understand who you are and what you want as a bride in order for her design to basically be a representation of you. She was able to skillfully work with my budget to produce a quality, one of a kind product which matched my dress and personality perfectly. I received tons of compliments on my wedding day, not to mention how much more beautiful my wedding pictures looked because it fit so well into the color scheme. 
Today, her creation has has become the centerpiece of my living room decor and a long lasting memoir of the best day of my life."

Lianne Oiseoghade | Trinidad Bride | April 2017 | Photo credit: RJM Pictures 🔗

"I was very happy and overwhelmed by Shaunelle’s creations for all of my pieces for our wedding! From start to finish she explained the entire process and my input was very much included! Would definitely recommend! Oh and she is very professional, high quality work and everything was delivered on time!"

Alicia Archer | Trinidad Bride | March 2017 | Photo credit: Jay Photography 🔗

Copyright Frame Photography

"I have always admired Shaunelle’s work and looked forward to retaining her expertise for my big day. The time came and of course she was my top choice. Shaunelle definitely went beyond the call of duty. She was interested in knowing every detail before creating my signature bouquet. She paid special attention to the fabric of my gown, the jewelry of my choice etc. because she insisted that everything must complement each other. 
Although we were never in the same country until the actual day of delivery, that never affected communication. She was always flexible, accommodating and provided feedback in a timely manner. 
My bouquet was a true reflection of my love for my home country and my culture. My husband, his groomsmen and my bridesmaids were all pleased with their pieces as well. Shaunelle definitely surpassed my already high expectation in every way possible."

Crystal Charles | Trinidad Bride | August 2016 | Photo credit: Frame Photography 🔗

Ainka 2.jpg

"I’m not your traditional person - and definitely not your traditional bride. That’s the best way to describe me: so much so that I opted to get married in an office and have my WEDDING a year later so I could do it exactly how I wanted. As I’m considerably zesty Shaunelle was able to decipher my crazy, to translate it into a magnificent headpiece that made me look like Nefertiti, according to my photographer. I told her ivory simplicity to contrast ALLLL the action that was gonna take place and she exceeded my imagination - get this- for LESS THAN YOU THINK!
The piece is so lovely that not only did I wear it for Two carnivals after my wedding (2015 & 2016) BUT I ordered a second piece for carnival 2018 and Shaunelle’s work had men and women alike asking all about my rose gold adornment.
We’re already planning for 2019 - I haven’t picked a costume yet but the piece from Shaunelle will be another favorite for sure! Thanks love!"

Ainka Williams | Trinidad Bride | October 2013